Gemütlichkeit Games – Amateur Signup


    All fields are mandatory

    I am applying to compete in the Heavyweight Athletic Competition at the 2024 Gemütlichkeit Games in the

    In consideration of acceptance of my entry in the 2024 Gemütlichkeit Games at the Columbus Oktoberfest Festival, I hereby, for myself, my heirs, editors and administrators, waive and release any and all rights and claims I may have for damages against Columbus Oktoberfest, LLC., their agents or representatives, from liability, suits, claims for bodily or personal injury, damage to or loss of real or personal property, sustained by me or caused by me occurring as a result of my voluntary participation in the Organizers’ athletic events.

    I understand that participation in these athletic events requires significant strength and coordination.
    I also understand that my participation in the event as a competitor and as an observer on the field exposes me to possible severe injury. I understand that The Columbus Oktoberfest Festival and Gemütlichkeit Games (“Organizers”) do not control the actions or the outcome of the actions of the participants. Due to the nature of these events, I understand that it is essential to exercise due diligence with regard to the safety of all participants and spectators. Organizers reserve the right to refuse any applicant the opportunity to participate.

    The field judge will have the final word in the interpretation of the recommendations and rules of Gemütlichkeit Games and may disqualify any athlete whose performance or lack of ability is likely to endanger the safety of spectators, officials, or competitors, including themselves. Failure to follow the field judges or athletic director’s decision will result in disqualification and may result in not being invited to compete at the Gemütlichkeit Games in the future.

    Weatherproof Event!

    100,000 sq. ft. of covered space

    Volunteers Needed!

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