Event and Entertainment Schedule

Official Kick-Off Party

Thursday, September 7, 5 pm-10 pm
Hosted by Hofbräuhaus Columbus
Live entertainment, great food, and greater beer!
800 Goodale Blvd, Columbus, Ohio 43212

Vier Meiler/Brat Trot

Friday, September 8, 6:15 pm
In conjunction with the Keg Tapping and run by M3S Sports
Featuring the music of Alphorn Grüezie

Craft Bier Garten

Featuring Ohio’s Craft Breweries in the Hofbräuhaus Hall. Try them all… Homestead, Saucy, Thirsty Dog, Taft’s, and Sideswipe.

Wine Garten

Try an expanded selection of wines in the Heidelberg Beer Hall.


Family and kids events all day at the Kinderplatz.

Glockenspiel Stage

Music, events, and shows! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The event schedule is below!

Gemütlichkeit Games

The Gemutlichkeit Games are located in the ODNR Ampitheater


Keg Press 1:00 pm

In this competition, competitors see how many times they can press a loaded keg weighing anywhere between 175 lbs and 225lbs above their head in 60 seconds.

Steinstossen (Stone Throw) 2:30 pm

Introduced in Germany in 1860 as a track and field event. Competitors hurl large stones weighing 75 to 180 lbs to see who can throw it the greatest distance.

Húsafell Carry 4:00 pm

The Húsafell carry originated in Húsafell, Iceland, where people come from all over the world to test their strength by picking up a 410lbs stone and carrying it around a 112 ft perimeter.

Keg Toss (for height) 5:30 pm

This event is all about raising the bar! Competitors heave a pony keg weighing anywhere from 25 lbs to 45 lbs as high as they can to clear the bar.

Steinheben (Bavarian Stone Lift) 7:00 pm

*located on the Hofbrau Prost stage*

This one is the granddaddy of them all! We use a 508 lb stone, attach a handle, and see how high our competitors can lift it. Sounds simple. It’s anything but!

SUNDAY (Amateur Events)

*Amateur events will be located in the ODNR Amphitheater. Registration will begin at 1:00 pm near the stage.*

Registration 1:00 pm
Keg Toss (for height) 1:30 pm
Steinstossen (stone throw) 2:30 pm

Stage Schedule 2023

Friday, September 8

Heidelberg Hall STAGE – presented by CityScene Media Group
5:00 pm Mike and The Polkaholics
6:15 pm Tapping of the Keg
7:00 pm Mike and The Polkaholics
7:30 pm Celebrity "Stuff The Puff"
8:00 pm Sound of Sorgenbrecker
Hofbrauhaus Prost Hall
5:00 pm Cow Town Inc.
9:00 pm North to Nashville

Saturday, September 9

Heidelberg Hall STAGE – presented by CityScene Media Group
Noon Mike and The Polkaholics
4:15 pm Tanz und Spielkreis Austrian Dancers
4:30 pm Chardon Polka Band
8:00 pm Mass Krueg Stemmen (Stein Hoist)
8:30 pm Sound of Sorgenbrecker
Hofbrauhaus Prost Hall
Noon For What It's Worth Band
3:00 pm Tanz und Spielkreis Austrian Dancers
3:30 pm Radio City
7:00 pm SteinHeben
9:00 pm Rockhouse

Sunday, September 10

Heidelberg Hall STAGE – presented by CityScene Media Group
Noon The Klaberheads
3:30 pm Chardon Polka Band
6:00 pm Cream Puff Stuff
6:30 pm Sound of Sorgenbrecker
Hofbrauhaus Prost Hall
Noon School of Rock
2:00 pm Pinnell Dance Center
4:00 pm German Spelling Bee
5:00 pm GS Fashion Show
6:00 pm The Shazzbots

Glockenspiel Stage

Friday, September 8
8:00pm – Muzic Masters
Saturday, September 9
1:00pm – 4:00pm – The Ohio Alphorn Band
4:00pm – 7:30pm – Muzic Masters
Sunday, September 10
1:00pm – 5:00pm – The Holligans

Strolling Musicians

Friday, September 8
5:30pm – 7:30pm – Alphorn Gruzie
5:30pm – Reynoldsburg Color Guard
Sunday, September 10
3:00pm – 6:00pm – Squeezin & Wheezin

Picture Wagon Stage

Sunday, September 10
3:00pm – 6:00pm – Heart and Pine

Natural Resources Area

Saturday, September 9
Nacho Band
Sunday, September 10
Tuba Troup

Parking Lot Area

Saturday and Sunday
Bring the Farm to You


– Business center
– Parking
– Fitness center
Click here for more details!

Weatherproof Event!

100,000 sq. ft. of covered space

Volunteers Needed!

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