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September 6, 7, 8- 2018
Held at the Ohio Expo Center / Ohio State Fairgrounds

FREE Admission - Hours:
Friday: 5pm - 12 Midnight
Saturday: 12 Noon - 12 Midnight
Sunday: 12 Noon - 8pm

Food & Beverage Tickets
All Food and Beverage will be sold by tickets only. To make it easy on you, there will be several ticket locations throughout the grounds and patrons will need to purchase tickets to exchange for all food and beverage. Tickets will be sold in strips of 10 for $10.

Parking is only $10.00 per car lots of paved parking.

History of Oktoberfest
On behalf of the Schmidt family and the Columbus Oktoberfest we would like to welcome you to the Annual Columbus Oktoberfest. Not only does the event have a tremendous history in this city, but the Schmidt family adds 129 years of Columbus tradition as well!

The Columbus Oktoberfest originated in Schiller Park, moved to the Ohio Expo Center, then set-up at multiple sites throughout German Village for several years (these sites each became unavailable due to new development in the district). Despite much success, the German Village Society sadly voted to cancel Oktoberfest in July of 2009, citing lack of profitability and the desire to move away from relying on weather-related events for fundraising efforts.

At this time, the Schmidt family stepped in on behalf of the Oktoberfest, partnering with the Ohio Expo Center (a previously successful site which offers unique facilities resembling authentic German beer halls) and the Cox Family, another local business offering over fiftythree years of family experience in the event industry. With only eleven weeks, a handful of promotional partners and a shoestring budget, the Schmidt’s and their partners were able to produce an outstanding Oktoberfest that exceeded the expectations of all. Despite horrendous weather, the competing OSU home Big Ten game, a new location and much skepticism in the media, attendance exceeded 35,000 throughout the three-day event!

We are thrilled to announce that The Columbus Oktoberfest will once again return to the Ohio Expo Center! The Expo Center not only offers authentic-style facilities (historic century-old pavilions offering 100,000 square feet of covered space). The Oktoberfest includes the beautiful and spacious Natural Resources Park as well as paved parking and easy access to the event site.

Contact info:
240 E. Kossuth St., Columbus, Ohio 43206





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Weatherproof event!
100,000 sq ft of covered space
Ohio Expo Center /
Ohio State Fairgrounds